• Weigh Filling

Cannabis weigh filling and dispensing

Reduce hand labor by hundreds if not thousands of hours with the PrimoCombi® automatic cannabis weigh filling machine.

The PrimoCombi® is the most advanced marijuana weigh filler on the market today. Its sophisticated combination weighing technology fractionalizes the individual piece weight thus achieving both tight weight tolerances and consistency required in cannabis weighing.

The PrimoCombi® multi-head weigher is designed for high performance applications requiring increased production rates and tight accuracy tolerances. Available in several configurations, the PrimoCombi can be integrated to fill cannabis into containers, jars, bags or cartons.

The Windows based 360 operating system takes the user experience to a level never reached before in the packaging industry. Easily configurable to send data, interface with ERP/MRP, the system also integrates with business software. It is seamless with any Microsoft software such as: Outlook, Excel, Word and Explorer. Features like: Skype Internet, Wi-Fi/LAN/Ethernet, remote access, production reporting, scheduling, triggers and alerts are all standard.


Mechanical Engineers


Automation Specialists


Project Managers


So. Ft. Of Manufacturing


The 360 Operating Software was designed for one reason, to make combination weighing easy. Every feature was created with the customer in mind and then
tested. Years of research, development and 1.4 billion bytes of code later, we have designed the most user-friendly and efficient combination scale in the world.


Event Logging & Archiving of production results, uptime and downtime, yield analysis, and unit cost. Customize your reports with Crystal Reports™ in any format and for any information required.


Free online support allows technicians to be available in real-time which eliminates delay, downtime, and the costs associated with them.


Easily configurable to send data, interface with ERP/MRP, the 360 Operating System integrates easily with 3rd party software.